Rainy Riverwalk Photosession

Yesterday’s photo session was special in three ways. First of all, the couple that I was photographing are great people. Second of all, they are great photographers (John Stewart Photography) and amazing business minds!  So when John asked if I would take their portrait, to be honest, I was honored. After being given the location, I visualized the site, the lighting set-up, the lens to use and packed my gear… That brings me to the 3rd reason the day was special.  RAIN!!!  We were shooting outdoors on Detroit’s river walk. A previous storm had swept through about an hour prior, but by shoot time, the sun was back out and the clouds and the cityscape was picturesque.  After some deliberation, we decided to stay close to the vehicles and have a go at it!

Five minutes into the shoot with only six frames captured, the heavens release gum ball size rain drops on us. Needless to say the shoot was over. All was not lost though. Four of six frames were usable by my standards and the Stewarts didn’t go away empty-handed. Challenging photographic scenarios are alway fun! Here’s my favorite from the available frames:


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