Why Film works for my Personal Work


Film. A foregone frontier. This is the voyages of photographer Mantrell Goodrum…  I know what you are thinking. Its true! I’m a Sci-fi guy and will be until I punch out. Seriously though, returning to film photography has been an interesting journey. Digital photography has made capturing beautiful portraits, events and products easier, but at a cost; The variable of the unknown has been removed from the act. When it comes to business, knowing that I have a shot on the card is valuable. For more personal/creative endeavors, film will of be my choice when ever possible.


Time on task utilizing a digital camera is sped to blur in comparison with using a film rig. While the same rules of metering, framing and taking care to present your subject matter in the best possible light still remain constant, the weight of knowing that there are only 24-36 frames for 35mm film [or 10 frames for 120 film] as opposed to the triple digit frame count of remaining on a 8gb+ card has a huge effect on a photographers workflow. Add to the scenario the relative comfort that comes with ability to shoot RAW files juxtaposed against the fixed nature of film and what one gets is a reason to be more thoughtful while compose the frame, cognizant of where the light falls and open to truly connecting with the subject.

Now, not all of my personal photography projects are good for film. Because of the speed and efficiency that some projects require, a digital workflow will be the best option. Film works for some of my personal projects because it has inherent mystic quality.  If you would like to see more of my film work, see my Tumblr. For now, here a are few of my favorites random shots.


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